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Virgil's Quest

A Journey into Hell 

Abandon all hope, ye who enter here.


Journey with Virgil as he descends past the Gates of Hell and descends to the bottom pit of the 9th Circle. 


Is all hope truly lost?  Will you be able to escape the bowels of Hell?  Only Virgil's Quest will answer that question.

This interactive routine allows you take take a group of travelers with you past the gates, hearing it slam shut and lock behind you.  As you descend through each of the 9 levels you describe the vices and torment each of the lost souls there face until you reach the very bottom pit of Hell where the worst of the worst are banished for all time.

But how to get out once you've gotten in?  Ah, that is the rub, for the Devil has his gates locked tightly shut and it is up to your spectators to see if they can come up with the combination to lock those rusty iron gates.

Included are ten 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 wooden planks showing classic illustrations by Gustave Dore depicting each of the nine levels along with the Gates of Hell.  These are housed in a plush velvet bag and complete routine and instructions.

$95 includes shipping to the US (please contact for international shipping)

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