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Tarot 6ion

A simplified card reading system will a killer reveal!

Are you looking for a simplified Tarot routine? One that packs a stunning revelation at the end? If so the Tarot 6 is for you.

This simplified card system combines tarot, numerology, astrology and mentalism for a great portable effect that is sure to send shivers down your spectators spine.

Included is 6 hand-crafted tarot/numerology cards mounted on wooden slats, slightly aged and distressed. The cards provide a unique vintage look and a substantial feel. A velvet pouch to carry the Tarot 6 and detailed instructions also included.

Present a seemingly standard tarot reading of past, present and future but then at the end make an astounding reveal of an important date such as an anniversary or date of birth.

$85 includes shipping in the US, please contact for international shipping quotes

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Tarot 6 is "an unusual and entertaining mentalism effect with a storyline that will set you apart from most magicians and mentalists in your market!" 

~ Rolando Santos, Assistant Editor - The Linking Ring 

Review in October 2018 issue

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