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A card warp effect showing that love truly eclipses all.

The Moon was alone in the evening sky, wandering back and forth, looking for a soulmate.

The Sun hovered high above the earth casting down it's warmth.

For years the Moon chased after the Sun, hoping to get a glimpse and to end her loneliness.

Finally, their paths crossed, they met and stood face to face . . . at this moment love truly eclipsed all.

This card warp effect comes in two sizes, standard playing card size 2.48" x 3.46" (63x88mm) and has 27 Sun/Moon and 27 Star/Earth custom made cards and also a Jumbo Sized edition 3.5" x 5.75" (89x146mm) and has 24 Sun/Moon and 24 Star/Earth cards. Both sets come with complete routine and instructions. 

Present a this cosmic tale to your spectators of the romance of the Sun and Moon. 

$25  Standard sized.

$30 Jumbo Sized

includes shipping in the US, please contact for international shipping quotes

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