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All Seeing Eye

A Prediction Effect 

We all have that relative, you know the one who causes chills to run up and down our spine.  The one who seems to talk to spirits or knows other worldly things.  For me it was  my great aunt.  When she passed she left me this old burlap bag that contained three small wooden tarot cards along with a prediction


If you are willing we can test the power of the All Seeing Eye!


A wooden card is placed on the table with the All Seeing Eye staring up at your spectator. They are instructed to mix up the three wooden tarot cards face down. Then they select a card one at a time.  One is placed in their fist, another in the performers and the last back in the burlap bag.  They are even given a choice if they want to trade what they are holding.


Then the All Seeing Eye card is turned over to reveal a set of verses which is read out loud.  Surprisingly and eerily the All Seeing Eye reveals what card each holds and which is in the bag.  Is this proof of some type of power from beyond . . . who knows.

Comes with three custom made domino sized wooden tarot cards, a 2 1/2" x by 3 1/2" wooden prediction card and a burlap sack to hold them along with complete instructions. 

$40 includes shipping to the US (please contact for international shipping)

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