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The Power of Emotion Lecture

Elevating an effect from a mere trick to something greater

What makes magic "magic"?  Is there a secret to elevating an effect from a mere trick into something greater?

Explore the power of emotion in magic and how tapping into the thoughts and memories of your audience will create an unforgettable experience for them.

John Gilmore (Blind Eye Magi) presented this hour long lecture at the 2020 East Coast Spirit Sessions in Myrtle Beach.   Performed and explained in this lecture is a not yet released routine called Virtue/Vice Connection.

A video link will be provided along with a PDF of the lecture notes which discuss the different types of emotions, how they help create lasting memories, how to incorporate emotion into our magic, choosing the right volunteer, ways to supplement emotions and self-assessment questions along with several exercises.

$25 USD digitally delivered anywhere in the world.

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