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Pick Your Poison

A Prediction Effect 

Here is a fun little routine that is perfect for the strolling magician, bar/restaurant performer or those just attending a party.


The basic effect is introducing a stack of card depicting either liquor bottles (for the Liquor Edition), cans of cola (for the Cola Edition) or a list of poisons (for the Bizarre Edition)

The performer then places either a bag or envelope on the table with either their favorite drink or in the case of the Bizarre Edition their poison of choice.  

The cards are given a mix and then slowed turned face up on the table in front of the spectator, eliminating the ones turned up.  The spectator can say stop at any time and the card they stop at is given to them to turn over.

Once it is revealed they then open the envelope or bag to see that yes indeed, their selection matches perfectly with the prediction.

Coves with 54 custom made cards housed in a velvet bag.  (other props such as liquor bottles, cans of cola or poison bottles not included)

The Liquor and Cola edition have matching backs so the card can be used in conjunction with each other or mixed and  matched.

The Poison Edition comes with a few extras including a double back card, a blood splattered card, a bloody hand card and several blank cards.  It also has a hand made cabinet card detailing a serial killer that can be used in the presentation.

All cards are standard poker sized cards and can be used for a variety of standard card tricks and forces too.

LIQUOR and COLA Edition $35 includes shipping to the US

BIZARRE Edition $40 includes shipping to the US 

Please contact for international shipping

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Liquor Edition

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Alcohol & Cola on sale
Only $25

Cola Edition

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Bizarre Edition

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