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Plague Doctor

A card routine

This interactive card routine will let you tell the tale of the black plague as it swept across Europe wiping out up to 200 million souls.

Your spectator plays the part of a villager desperately waiting to see if he gets visited by the Plague Doctor and is one of the few saved.

Cards are brought out and shuffled and the specator answers a series of questions as cards are dealt for each answer. After the final question the card they stopped at is turned over to reveal the Plague Doctor with his beaked mask.

The other cards on the table are then turned over to reveal them all to be the death cart hauling off the deceased bodies. And finally the remaining cards are all turned over to show that those that followed also met the same fate and a trip on the death cart.

Included is a custom made deck in a velvet bag and complete instructions.

$30 USD includes shipping in the US, please contact for international orders.

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