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Prediction & Mind Reading

As the gods look deep inside your soul, will they offer absolution or render retribution . . .

Delve deep into the human psyche and explore the theme of Retribution and Absolution. Using a Crystal your spectator will hold it tight as they explore the deep recesses of their inner being letting the crystal absorb their energy as they contemplate their life. Then they will be guided by that crystal to choose one of the eight cards laid before them.

The cards represent the seven deadly sins and the judgement of the gods. Which one will they choose? Will it be the coveted Absolution card, indicating that their path in life is true and show favor with the deities? Or will it be Retribution? A warning sign that they must look inward and choose another path for when the final judgement comes they do not want to face Retribution.

As the cards are revealed it is shown that all are the same except for the one that the spectator has chosen.

Included is 8 custom made tarot-sized cards, crystal with pouch, velvet bag and detailed instructions and routine.

$40 USD - International orders please contact for shipping quote.

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"Judgement instantly stands out in large part because of the evocative writing and universal nature of the presentation."


                ~Rolando Santos Assistant Editor, The Linking Ring

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