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Jakob's Vice

For every virtue there is a vice . . .

There is good and evil in this world, we are constantly surrounded by it.  Both sides battling it out tempting and luring us to make bad decisions or that little voice of reason whispering in our ear compelling us to do what is right.


 Imagine taking your audience on a journey through their memories and giving them a moment to recall certain happy and/or profound events in their life where they experienced the powerful effects of one of the seven Virtues - Faith, Hope, Charity Fortitude, Justice, Prudence and Temperance.

Images of the seven virtues are shown through the haunting artistry depicted by Hans Burgkmair the Elder, a German painter and woodcut printmaker in the 1400’s.  The wooden planks bearing the images are mixed and seven volunteers randomly choose a virtue.

Not only are you taking into what can be powerful emotions, you are giving your volunteers a change to relive a moment and provide positivity to them.

But like a coin, each virtue has a corresponding vice - Envy, Gluttony, Greed, Lust, Pride, Sloth, and Wrath.

One of these vices haunt you (the performer) yet to this day.

As you walk from person to person, who have the virtue clutched tightly over their heart, you touch palms with them one by one until suddenly you stop in front of one.  Both you and the volunteer feel something special as your palms touch . . . and when you ask them to reveal their virtue they do so - you give them a moment to elaborate on the memory if they so wish to do - and then reveal that you have the corresponding Vice.

With anguish on your face you describe the events of that day so long ago when your heart and soul was consumed by that vice, and reveal the consequences of that temptation and the burden you carry forever.

Included are nine handmade and aged wooden slats depicting the seven virtues, one vice, and  one showing the corresponding virtues & vices.  These are housed in a plush velvet tarot-sized pouch, and complete instructions and routine.

$125 includes shipping to the US (please contact for international shipping)

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