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Eye of the Magi - Poe Edition

A mentalism effect

Do you hear it? It's ringing in my ears. Louder and louder as if it's alive! I've tried to run, tried to hide but it seeks me out like a great detective sucking the life out of me.


This special edition of Eye of the Magi features Edgar Allan Poe along with other great authors of the bizarre: Mary Shelley, HG Wells, Braum Stoker and Arthur Conan Doyle.  

Handcrafted and aged miniature portraits detail famous authors and their books along  a velvet pouch.

Your audience will be left amazed and in wonder as they contemplate these thoughts in this interactive routine where the audience has complete free choice on every move but yet when the predictions that have been in plain view from the beginning are turned over every one is mysteriously correct!

$50 USD 

International orders please contact for shipping quote.

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