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Musings of a Magi

A Journey with Jakob 

Join Jakob the Wanderer  as he journeys across the country.  A mage, a philosopher, a teacher, and a student of life - Jakob delivers compelling stories and performances as he reflects on life and the world around him.

In this 104 page book you will be introduced to The Wanderer and immerse yourself in his world. Set as a story with an overarching theme, various bizarre routines are introduced and explained in detail - a treasure trove of story ideas for the Bizarre Magician.

Some of the routines you will learn include: Lillith, Granny's Gift, HH Holmes: Time of Death, Elemental Alchemy, and more!

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Musings of a Magi II

The Journey Continues 

Join Jakob once again as he continues his journey through life, albeit this time with the constraints and stress that our current pandemic has placed upon entertainers. 

In this 108 page book The Wanderer takes you along with him across the country in both virtual and socially distanced encounters where he shares his stories and magic.

Within the pages you will find classic Blind Eye Magi effects such as Creation, The Lottery, and Judgement along with new routines such as Granny's House, Journey to the Ninth Circle, the Thread, and the Crucible.

$45 includes shipping to the US (please contact for international shipping)

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Order both Musings and Musings II 

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