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A Poe Effect

Once upon a midnight dreary . . .

The time has come. Nevermore is now available! A new release from Blind Eye Magi.

Engage your spectators with tales of how books captivate your imagination and transport you to mystical places and far away lands.

One particular author had become an obsession.

Show a deck of a multitude of various writers such as Hemingway, Thoreau, Dickens, Orwell and many others.

The spectator is given an old leather bag with an object inside. They clutch this as the portrait cards are spread face down and select one which is slowly slide out of the spread.

Now the question is where they led to this card or was it truly free choice? Did they hear the voices in their head too that you hear? The relentless pounding?

The card is turned over to reveal the grim face of Edgar Allan Poe. Then the spectator opens the leather bag to reveal a metal medallion of a raven with a verse of the poem in the background.

Is that proof that there is power in the written word?


Includes custom portrait cards in velvet bag, a large cast raven medallion in a leather pouch and complete routine and instructions.

$55 USD (Planchette not included)

International orders please contact for shipping quote.

poe edition.jpg
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