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A mentalism effect

Eye of the Magi

There is a bridge that exists between the known and unknown; where past, present and future collide and intertwine; where that inward eye that knows and sees all gazes into our souls . . . this prediction effect utilizes some of the greats of yesteryear - Blackstone, Kellar, Carter, Thurston & Dante. 

Handcrafted and aged miniature portraits detail famous posters showing these masters of magic with their devils, imps and fairies swirling, dancing and whispering in their ears.  Is that proof of their supernatural powers?  Do magicians of today still tap into those unseen forces?  Does the Eye of the Magi really peer into our thoughts and soul? 

Your audience will be left amazed and in wonder as they contemplate these thoughts in this interactive routine where the audience has complete free choice on every move but yet when the predictions that have been in plain view from the beginning are turned over every one is mysteriously correct!

$50 USD w/ velvet bag (card box not included)

International orders please contact for shipping quote.

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"While it's "Bizarre" magick, it's interesting and light enough for mainstream audiences.  Eye of the Magi will play to any size audience from one person to a parlour audience."


       ~ Rolando Santos, Assistant Editor, The Linking Ring

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