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A Sherlock Holmes Mystery

The game is afoot as you assume the role of the iconic sleuth and choose a spectator to play the role of your sidekick Watson.

Together you will explore the clues to a perplexing murder that has baffled Inspector Gregson as evidenced by his priority telegram to you.

One by one you will eliminate the suspects until through your careful deduction and application of the scientific method you arrive at your conclusion.

Will you solve this murder mystery and come to the same conclusion as the original Holmes did? Will your suspect match the one arrested by Inspector Lestrade? To find out you will have Dr. Watson open the envelope that had been on display since the start of the routine and pull out the official arrest sheet.

Included is 7 portrait cards of the cast of characters and velvet pouch, aged telegram, aged arrest sheet, complete instructions and routine.

$75 includes shipping in the US, contact for international shipping quote.

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