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Saints & Sinners

Now Available!

Good and Evil, Saints and Sinners . . . there are forces in nature that define our very souls.  For some the evil is so great that it permeates their very essence and transcends time.  It is said that even saying their name or looking at their image can conjure feelings of dread.  Likewise there are people who's lives have been spent for the betterment of others, who exude peace, love the goodwill.  These saints have blest our society and continue to do so.  Their spirit can comfort and their picture brings peace.

Saints & Sinners is an interactive routine where the spectator  uses their senses to feel the innate goodness or evil of a portrait  and places them in piles.  When they are turned over, their intuition pays off as all are revealed to be correctly sorted by the spectator into the appropriate Saint or Sinner group.

20 large full color portrait cards and detailed instructions included


International orders please contact for shipping quote.

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