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Elemental Alchemy

Now Available! Limited Quanties

There are forces in nature, some seen and unseen.  Power that is wrought from very creation itself.  Elements that make life possible, magick real, and miracles happen.  These elements at its base core is broken down into what is commonly called the 4 elements: Earth, Fire, water and air.  The ancient philosophers contended that all things were formed out of these four elements. Throughout the ages selected few delved into the mysteries surrounding these and attempted to divine their secrets and understand their knowledge.  Some say this was the beginning of magic.  Not a simple parlor trick but true magic, born of the earth, forged in fire, quenched by water and invisible but as ever present as air.

Those that were versed in the arcane knowledge of the elements knew how to combine them. How to weave them together. Science and mysticism were one and miracles could be produced.  Over the years this knowledge was lost to time, sheltered into oblivion as modern science and religion vied for the public’s attention.

But all was not lost, some remnants remained.  Passed on from one generation to the next to those in tuned to the true magick.  Although diluted, the magic of the elements still exists.  Some of the initiates use it to weave spells, others harness the energy to effect change.  Some look beyond the veil of this earthly vessel to times long ago, places far away or events yet to come.

Tap into that energy with this interactive routine that will leave your spectator with chills as they experience the magick and are left with a lasting memory and talisman.

Included is a wooden box, altar cloth, 4 candles, set of wooden coasters, 6 hand-aged ancient scrolls w/ illustrations and chants, pack of alchemist talisman cards, magical parchments and complete instructions.

Shipped to your home in the CONUS for $175. Will to ship internationally, contact for shipping quote.

HH Holmes and 9 of his victims. Gold Pocket Watch an Box.
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