Magic & Routines for sale

Below is my humble offerings to the magic community.  Props, gadgets, gizmos & routines that I have developed and nurtured.  Stories mixed with magic to delight, mystify, entertain and perhaps spook your audience.


A Bizarre Routine

Murder, mystery and mayhem . . . what more could you ask for? How about it being true and close to America’s heartland! Imagine entertaining your audience with the true tale of America’s first serial killer, H H Holmes and his infamous Murder Castle in Chicago, Illinois
9 Confirmed victims with stories of up to hundreds more there are a million stories you can weave as you tell of the sinister actions of this smooth talking con man. Involve your audience as they participate with a surprising end of routine revelation revealing not only HH Holmes but also the time of his death.
Included in this set are 10 aged portraits (Holmes and 9 of his victims). A burlap pouch to house the portraits, a golden pocket watch on a chain and a decorative case. Also included is a 16 page manuscript detailing a complete routine along with additional character information.
With the film “The Devil in the White City” depicting Leonardo DiCaprio as H H Holmes there is never a better time to add this to your act. With evil such as this will spirits ever truly rest?
Shipped to your home in the CONUS for $150. Will to ship internationally, contact for shipping quote.


Prediction & Mind Reading

As the gods look deep inside your soul, will they offer absolution or render retribution . . .

Delve deep into the human psyche and explore the theme of Retribution and Absolution. Using a Crystal your spectator will hold it tight as they explore the deep recesses of their inner being letting the crystal absorb their energy as they contemplate their life. Then they will be guided by that crystal to choose one of the eight cards laid before them.

The cards represent the seven deadly sins and the judgement of the gods. Which one will they choose? Will it be the coveted Absolution card, indicating that their path in life is true and show favor with the deities? Or will it be Retribution? A warning sign that they must look inward and choose another path for when the final judgement comes they do not want to face Retribution.

As the cards are revealed it is shown that all are the same except for the one that the spectator has chosen.

Included is 8 custom made tarot-sized cards, crystal with pouch, velvet bad and detailed instructions and routine.

$35 USD


New Release!

There is a bridge that exists between the known and unknown; where past, present and future collide and intertwine; where that inward eye that knows and sees all gazes into our souls . . . this prediction effect utilizes some of the greats of yesteryear - Blackstone, Kellar, Carter, Thurston & Dante. 

Handcrafted and aged miniature portraits detail famous posters showing these masters of magic with their devils, imps and fairies swirling, dancing and whispering in their ears.  Is that proof of their supernatural powers?  Do magicians of today still tap into those unseen forces?  Does the Eye of the Magi really peer into our thoughts and soul? 

Your audience will be left amazed and in wonder as they contemplate these thoughts in this interactive routine where the audience has complete free choice on every move but yet when the predictions that have been in plain view from the beginning are turned over every one is mysteriously correct!

$45 USD


An Interactive Prediction Effect

Good and Evil, Saints and Sinners . . . there are forces in nature that define our very souls.  For some the evil is so great that it permeates their very essence and transcends time.  It is said that even saying their name or looking at their image can conjure feelings of dread.  Likewise there are people who's lives have been spent for the betterment of others, who exude peace, love the goodwill.  These saints have blest our society and continue to do so.  Their spirit can comfort and their picture brings peace.

Saints & Sinners is an interactive routine where the spectator  uses their senses to feel the innate goodness or evil of a portrait  and places them in piles.  When they are turned over, their intuition pays off as all are revealed to be correctly sorted by the spectator into the appropriate Saint or Sinner group.

20 large full color portrait cards and detailed instructions included